You are looking for a location for private parties, in Milan, a city where you can find everything. You ask friends, scroll through social network feeds, venture into Google search results (someone swears he has even seen you consulting an old, dusty phone book). A thousand weird proposals and boring ideas, or at least , too many location that does not fix with you. And then there it is: Maison, the Fun House, via Lodovico Montegani 68. Light, music, show, interactive kitchen and many services at your disposal. Perfect!

Your location for private parties in Milan

Welcome to a small world born to tease and engage all your senses: Maison offers you the most exciting show and dinner combination you have ever attended. The stage, golden and bright like few others, offers you a show with a vintage soul but always fresh and up-to-date, with exceptional performers and elegant costumes, for a visual experience that will bewitch you. The Circus Stupor, Late Show, Maison Best, Maison Rouge, choose yourself. On your table instead, here is a kitchen that is not only (very) good and refined, but it is also interactive: break a balloon bread with a stone, or turn off a small bale of hay to get to the fillet. And after the show, our DJ set takes you to the dance floor with all the music you need. But this is “only” what we can offer you in all our evenings!

The services of Maison

What happens if you dare to ask more to Maison? Only that we offer you a world of ideas! Starting from the ladies: choose to become a show yourself and discover all the secrets of burlesque; or, improvise a cake designer. Do you want someone who is dedicated to you? Ask about our Chupito Boy or our Chupito Girl, or admire a very private burlesque performance. And find out more: The Murder Mystery Games in its original format, our Hummer / limousine services, the barman course and much more.

How? By contacting Maison, your location for private parties!