There are two passions that will never pass on in Milan: food and entertainment, which is why we have transformed an old post office in the most enjoyable show restaurant in the city back in 2001. Maison offers you a unique atmosphere, where the show and the flavors mix together, offering interaction and an engaging and immersive experience. So take a look at what you deserve!

The flavors of a show restaurant

Let’s start with the fundamentals: what can you eat? From our kitchen comes out good dishes for all tastes, and therefore whether you prefer meat, fish or veggie you will find what you like the most. All our proposals are ideas of our chef Emmanuele Cucchi, who enjoys to look by himself for the most exquisite raw materials and to use them for making a little show in your plate. That’s right, because at Maison you won’t find boring dishes just waiting to be eaten, but instead a kitchen that wants to entertain you and your palate. So, if you order a marinated salmon with oriental mix and dipping sauce with passion fruit (yummy!) we will bring to your table a huge balloon bread … and a stone, to go in search of your lost dinner. And if you choose a chicken leg salad, at first glance it may seem that the chef is not really in the mood of cooking, because it will be brought to you in a can! But don’t worry, inside you will find a freshly prepared delight.

The shows of our show restaurant

And after the wine has been brought to the table and we are waiting with trepidation for the first dish, the show finally begins on our golden stage. Or on the bar counter. At Maison the show is everywhere and nothing is taken for granted. During the year we propose many new concepts and new evenings in collaboration with the best emerging Italian artists, for exhibitions of burlesque, cabaret, circus, and other of our timeless shows. Il Circo Stupore (The Fairy Circus) accompanies you in a circus and adrenaline-filled atmosphere: acrobats, burlesques, contortionists and fire-eaters hypnotize you in an evocative scenario out of the ordinary. Maison Best is the best for those who love music and musicals, but without taking away space from some breathtaking, iconic and totally pop exhibitions. Maison Rouge takes us on a journey through time and space, bringing us back to a living Paris and its mischievous skirts, where everything is overwhelmed by the irresistible vortex of the can-can. And last but not least, the Maison Late Show, a show with soft lights that knows how to dare and become an accomplice, in a mood full of sequins and latex but extremely chic.

Hungry for gourmet dishes and real entertainment? We look forward to seeing you at Maison, Milan’s number 1 show restaurant!