Experience the shining golden night of Maison.
One century ago, if you were travelling to the city of Milan from the west regions, you would see the blow of the oil lamps of Maison as a first sign you were there. All night long Maison would welcome travellers with good wine wholesome food and fun. Everything is still shining at Maison: the glittering walls, the golden stage and the smiling faces of our team.
At Maison you will meet sparkling cabaret performers, dancers in silvery costumes, twinkling burlesque stars. Dinner is a show: the fish menu is a fish parade, the meat menu is a gala dinner, and the chef himself is a showman. There is a touch of magic star dust allover Maison that makes you feel a star.

Our story.

One century ago, Maison was an ancient post station for travellers coming from the western rice area. It has been changed in a trendy location for entertainement 15 years ago.

Look at that show!